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At Aspen Ridge Mental Health, providing you with the highest quality care is our mission. We offer comprehensive services in one convenient location, including a variety of different therapy, testing and coaching options.

Our practice is social justice-oriented. We value diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. We view access to care as a vital part of doing social justice.

We provide the best care possible by making sure that you feel deeply understood by considering all the aspects of your unique story, creating customized treatment plans to give you a solid game plan to help you meet your goals, and using therapeutic techniques that have been shown by research to be effective. Our passion is helping people create recovery, make big, meaningful, life-altering positive changes, and build the life they’ve always wanted.

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We offer

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy offers a wonderful opportunity to have time and care dedicated to you!


Group therapy allows you to hear other people’s stories, noticing that you are not alone in your experiences.

Psychological Assessments (Testing)

Psychological assessments use formal testing followed by a report and recommendations for treatment.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a wonderful investment in the health of your relationship.

Family Therapy

For some, family therapy presents itself as an adjunct tool to go hand in hand with ongoing individual therapy.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy offers a wonderful opportunity to have time and care dedicated to you! In individual therapy, we will meet and talk with one another, discussing your concerns, generating insight into your patterns, and creating strategies that you can implement to create the change you want in your life.

Therapy should make you feel deeply understood, cared for, and empowered to improve your life. Therapy offers support in a different way than our friendships or other relationships do. In therapy, it’s all about you (in the best way possible). Therapy offers expert recommendations resulting from years of clinical experience and research aimed at treating symptoms.

Working with me in individual therapy means having a conversation, just two people talking together. There’s no need to fear feeling “shrinked” or “analyzed” or having to wade through tons of psychobabble and terminology that mean nothing to you. My style is warm, real, and practical. For more information, check the About tab.

Individual Therapy Services

Group Therapy


The Relationships Process group is an interpersonal process group for people who would like to work on issues related to relationships such as intimacy, trust, self-esteem, care-taking, setting boundaries, as well as depression, anxiety, and other concerns.

If you’ve ever wondered how other people perceive you, how your personality “comes off” to others, wanted deeper connection in your friendships and romantic relationships, or wanted to feel more confident about yourself, this group could benefit you. Research has shown that interpersonal process group therapy is an effective treatment for depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem…

Group Therapy Services

Pychological Assessments (testing)

What are psychological assessments?  

Psychological assessments, also called psychological evaluations, are an intensive service provided by psychologists to determine whether a specific diagnosis or concern is present.  Psychological assessments use formal testing followed by a report and recommendations for treatment.  

What psychological assessments do you provide? 

We provide psychological assessments for:

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD, formerly called ADD or Adult ADD)
  • Learning Disorders including Dyslexia/Disorder of Written Expression, Math Disorder, and Reading Disorder
  • Giftedness/IQ (Intelligence and Academic Performance testing)
  • General Mental Health including Mood Disorders such as Bipolar Disorder


Psychological Assessment Services

Couples Therapy

It is not unusual to hear people express fear and intimidation in regards to beginning couples therapy. However, couples therapy aims to provide a safe and balanced space to work through challenges without falling into the old patterns of blame and emotional escalation that create ongoing fear and anxiety within the relationship.

When couples come to session, the hope is that they feel a sense of relief in knowing that therapy will be collaborative, constructive and allow each to be equally seen as an individual as well as a part of the relationship. Therapy allows couples to problem solve from a place of unity, where they can combine shared strengths against their identified problems to work through them as a team. Ultimately, couples therapy has the potential to feel empowering, relieving and clarifying.

Couples Therapy Services

Family Therapy

Family therapy is an incredibly powerful experience. For some, family therapy presents itself as an adjunct tool to go hand in hand with ongoing individual therapy. Others may seek family therapy first and foremost and find that it meets their needs, or members of the family may then go on to seek individual therapists to continue their own independent therapeutic work.

Family therapy may initially center on the identified goals of one member of the family, but often extends to help other members indirectly. In this way, family therapy becomes useful for everyone involved, even if it may not be clear right away what all the benefits may be…

Family Therapy Services

We work with


Eating Disorders

Many people struggle with their relationship with food, body image, and exercise.

Trauma & PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, survivors of abuse, sexual assault, and rape.

Anxiety & Depression

General anxiety, social anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.

Relationship Concerns

Breakups, setting boundaries, dating, communication, assertiveness, intimacy, and vulnerability.

Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessments use formal testing followed by a report and recommendations for treatment.

 At Aspen Ridge Mental Health we believe that excellent mental health care should be accessible. We are in-network with most insurance plans, including Colorado

Medicaid. Please see the Rates and Insurance page for more details.


Finding a therapist can be a difficult process. Feel free to read through the information on our website to get a better sense of the services we offer and how we might be able to work together. It is important to find a therapist you like and trust. We are honored to be a practice you’d consider working with.

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