Assessments for Mood Disorders

Bipolar & Depression

 Mood disorders include disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder. Wondering “Do I have depression?” or “Do I have bipolar disorder?” are overwhelming questions. Psychological assessment may be able to provide you with an answer as to whether or not you do have a mood disorder and what role it is playing in your life.

Psychological assessment for depression or bipolar disorder generally involves a thorough diagnostic interview, the use of multiple tests to evaluate personality, emotional, and behavioral functioning, and at times tests to rule out other factors. At Colorado Therapy & Assessment Center our goal is to use testing to help you better understand yourself, why you are struggling, and to gain a clear diagnosis. At the end of testing, you will receive a thorough written report and a feedback session explaining your results. We work hard to provide you with treatment recommendations and next steps.

Through the testing process for Mood Disorders at ARMH you will receive the following:

  • A comprehensive evaluation.
  • A thorough written report that contains your diagnosis (if any) and relevant treatment recommendations.
  • A comprehensive feedback session to help you understand testing results and what they mean.

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