Family Therapy

Family therapy is an incredibly powerful experience. For some, family therapy presents itself as an adjunct tool to go hand in hand with ongoing individual therapy. Others may seek family therapy first and foremost and find that it meets their needs, or members of the family may then go on to seek individual therapists to continue their own independent therapeutic work.

Family therapy may initially center on the identified goals of one member of the family, but often extends to help other members indirectly. In this way, family therapy becomes useful for everyone involved, even if it may not be clear right away what all the benefits may be.

Family therapy is not based around blame, but instead it about empowering each family member and the family as a whole, to feel more confident and capable of meeting individual and family needs. Common family therapy work involves improving communication, interpersonal effectiveness, re-aligning on family values and behaviors that may have faded into the background or creating these family values for the first time. Establishing these foundational tools, allows any family system to be better equipped for the wide-ranging challenges that life can present. 

Common Concerns:

  • Communication Challenges
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Depression or anxiety issues within a member(s) of the family
  • Life stage transitions (such as adolescence and retirement)
  • Parental education 
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