Couples Therapy

It is not unusual to hear people express fear and intimidation in regards to beginning couples therapy. However, couples therapy aims to provide a safe and balanced space to work through challenges without falling into the old patterns of blame and emotional escalation that create ongoing fear and anxiety within the relationship.

When couples come to session, the hope is that they feel a sense of relief in knowing that therapy will be collaborative, constructive and allow each to be equally seen as an individual as well as a part of the relationship. Therapy allows couples to problem solve from a place of unity, where they can combine shared strengths against their identified problems to work through them as a team. Ultimately, couples therapy has the potential to feel empowering, relieving and clarifying.

Couples therapy is a wonderful investment in the health of your relationship.  

Common Concerns:

  • Desire for more connection and intimacy
  • Increasing trust
  • Communication obstacles
  • Depression and/or anxiety within a member(s) of the couple
  • Life transitions (such as career changes, moves, marriage)

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