Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorders

 Autism Spectrum Disorders are complex neurodevelopmental disorders that require expert care. Autism Spectrum Disorders include difficulties in social interactions, understanding and processing emotions, and greatly impact relationships. Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders may also exhibit rigidity, sensory difficulties, eccentric interests, non-normative speech and communication, and delays in reaching developmental milestones.

Though it can be overwhelming to consider whether you or someone you love might have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, we provide the compassionate expert care you need, ensuring you receive an accurate diagnosis and thorough, supportive treatment recommendations. 

Psychological testing for Autism Spectrum Disorder is tailored to each individual’s unique set of concerns. Our testing process includes rigorous diagnostic interviews, observations of behavior, and thorough testing to rule out any other causes of concern. We use testing measures that are the gold standard and are evidence-based as best practices.

Upon completion of the assessment, you’ll have a clear understanding of the results and a tangible treatment plan with next steps for moving forward.

We offer ASD testing for both adults and children ages 6+.

***We ARE able to accept some forms of Medicaid as a payer source for Autism Spectrum Testing***


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