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Hello Colorado Folx!


You may remember us as Colorado Therapy & Assessment Center. We are now Aspen Ridge Mental Health. However, nothing about our high quality services has changed (besides our name)! We provide in-person services at our two Colorado locations in Denver or Westminster and/or virtual services as well. We accept most insurance companies, including some forms of CO Medicaid!

Colorado Services

Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, we will meet and talk with one another, discussing your concerns, generating insight into your patterns, and creating strategies that you can implement to create the change you want in your life

Couples Therapy

Therapy allows couples to problem solve from a place of unity, where they can combine shared strengths against their identified problems to work through them as a team. Ultimately, couples therapy has the potential to feel empowering, relieving and clarifying.

Group Therapy

If you’ve ever wondered how other people perceive you, how your personality “comes off” to others, wanted deeper connection in your friendships and romantic relationships, or wanted to feel more confident about yourself, this group could benefit you.

Family Therapy

Common family therapy work involves improving communication, interpersonal effectiveness, re-aligning on family values and behaviors that may have faded into the background or creating these family values for the first time.

Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessments, also called psychological evaluations, are an intensive service provided by psychologists to determine whether a specific diagnosis or concern is present.

ADHD Coaching

Our coaching process at Aspen Ridge Mental Health is designed to provide you with as much feedback and as many recommendations as possible. 

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