Eating Disorder Therapy 

Do you skip meals to control your weight? Ever find yourself doing things to make up for what you ate? Do you overeat, unable to stop, or overindulge in food to numb your feelings?

You are not alone.

Many people struggle with their relationship with food, body image, and exercise. Whether you have been formally diagnosed with an eating disorder or you’ve just begun to notice some patterns in your food and exercise routine that you question, therapy can help.

The most important factor in seeking treatment for eating disorder/disordered eating is that you work with someone who is experienced in this specialty area. Eating disorders are complex but can be treated. Our team of compassionate therapists all have specialized training in working with eating disorders as well as eating disorders with co-occurring trauma, substance use, or other mental health concerns. All of our therapists are supervised directly by ARMH’s Director, Dr. Janean Anderson, who is a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist and approved training supervisor for the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals.

We offer individual therapy, family therapy, and process group therapy for eating disorders. For individuals who need more care, additional weekly individual sessions are offered, up to 3 individual sessions per week. Further, we have extensive experience in helping clients step down from a higher level of care or transition to more treatment. We value coordinating care with other professionals (dietitians, primary care physicians, psychiatrists) creating a treatment team for each person we work with. This multidisciplinary team approach to eating disorder treatment provides the most comprehensive care possible.

We may hold an image in our mind of what someone with an eating disorder looks like, however, people of all ages, backgrounds, genders, and identities can struggle. Whoever you are, you are welcome and valued! All of our providers operate from a Health At Every Size (HAES) approach. Health At Every Size is a weight-neutral approach to healthcare. To learn more about HAES, please visit

Wondering about your own eating and exercise patterns?  Take a free, anonymous screening provided by NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) by clicking here.

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