Assessment for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Do you find yourself or your loved one struggling with inattention, disorganization, losing belongings, forgetting appointments, hyperactivity, missing details in conversations, and struggling to keep up? These are common symptoms of ADHD. If you’ve found yourself experiencing these difficulties for a large portion of your life, you might have ADHD.

Psychological testing for ADHD can help you determine whether or not your struggles or your loved one’s struggles do actually meet the criteria for an ADHD diagnosis. This type of evaluation generally involves the use of standardized tests that examine cognitive, academic, behavioral, and emotional functioning. Our testing process at Colorado Therapy & Assessment Center is designed to provide you with as much feedback and as many recommendations as possible. Our goal is for you to exit testing with the best possible understanding of you or your loved one’s struggles and how to address them.


Through the testing process for ADHD at ARMH you will receive the following:

  • A comprehensive evaluation.
  • A thorough written report that contains your diagnosis (if any) and relevant treatment recommendations.
  • A comprehensive feedback session to help you understand testing results and what they mean.

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