Assessment EXTERNSHIP for Doctoral Students



Are you a doctoral student looking for a practicum placement or externship site that focuses on psychological assessment? Have you always wanted to work in a private practice setting? Do you want to work with a group of individuals focused on client-care and social justice in the local community?

Colorado Therapy & Assessment Center is looking for assessment externs who will bring a unique perspective to our staff and share our values of compassion, belonging, humility, and excellence. We are always looking to expand our ability to help the diverse range of individuals, including those in underserved and marginalized communities, and we value new perspectives and experience within our staff. We strongly encourage applications from candidates with diverse or marginalized identities. Join our values-driven, supportive team!

Description of the Site

Colorado Therapy & Assessment Center (ARMH) is a multi-site, insurance-based outpatient clinic offering individual, group, couples, family therapy and psychological assessment. We specialize in eating disorders, assessment, and group therapy and offer care for most general mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, relational concerns, trauma, OCD, and more. ARMH’s mission is to provide access to care to diverse populations, specifically through insurance-based care including accepting Medicaid. ARMH therapists provide long-term, interpersonal process/psychodynamically-oriented therapy. ARMH boasts consistent, long-term staff psychologists, collaborative work relationships, open consultation, and a robust training program including doctoral externships, predoctoral internships, and postdoctoral residency positions.

Type of Clients Served

Our clinic primarily serves adults ages 18-40, however, services are available to patients 5-65+ for therapy. Assessment clients are both child and adult.

Diverse Populations Served

African American 5 %; American Indian 1%; Asian American 15%; Euro American 53%; Hispanic/Latinx 25%; Mid-Eastern American 1%; GLBT 25%; Physical Challenged 5%.

Supervisor’s experience in training students to work with culturally diverse groups and at our center we emphasize working with culturally diverse groups and value hiring diverse staff members. Our supervisors routinely have open discussions of power, privilege, and oppression and provide supervision influenced by feminist-multicultural approaches. Our clinic is a private, insurance-based practice that emphasizes access to care as a fundamental social justice issue. It is our mission to provide access to the highest quality of care to everyone, especially to those experiencing marginalization. Because our clinic not only accepts all commercial insurance but also Medicaid and Medicare, our externs work with a diverse population (individuals with Medicaid). We have experience with and are passionate about training therapists to work with diverse populations like those with Medicaid using an intersectional lens.

Which group(s)?: Our clients are diverse in terms of race/ethnicity, all genders, LGBT, ability, socioeconomic status, religion/spirituality, as well as diagnostically (trauma, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, mood d/o, etc.)

What languages are services offered?: English only

Are interpreters used?: n/a

Does the agency serve Latinx children (Spanish or non-Spanish speaking), age group 0 – 8?: n/a

About the Position

As an assessment extern, you will have the opportunity to work in a private practice setting and increase your professional confidence and competence while simultaneously receiving specialized training in psychological assessment.

The primary reasons for assessment referrals at our practice are ADHD, Autism Spectrum disorders, behavioral concerns in children, diagnostic clarification, learning disabilities, mood and anxiety disorders, and personality disorders. We also offer testing for a variety of other less common reasons including clergy, pre-adoption, and PTSD evaluations. Assessment externs provide assessment services to diverse clients, primarily our clients who have Medicaid or need a significantly reduced fee. Tests of Administration include the WAIS-IV, WISC-V, MMPI-3, MCMI-IV, Rorschach, ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule), ADI-R I (Autism Diagnostic Interview), Vineland-3, BASC-3, SCID-5-CV, D-KEFS (Executive functioning) among others. Assessment externs will also have the ability to gain skills in test scoring and report writing. Assessment externs complete a minimum of 4 comprehensive psychological assessments during their training at ARMH.

As an assessment extern, you will attend 1 hour of didactic training, which serves as specialty training in psychological assessment and report writing. You will also receive weekly group and individual supervision pertaining to assessment. Assessment externs will complete all required supervision and clinical contact hours for their required practicum placements. Assessment externs are expected to work 16-20 hours per week, or two full days, at our site.

*Special Note: Former externs, pending excellent performance, can be given letters of recommendation for internship and are prioritized in ARMH hiring to predoc internships, postdoctoral residency, and licensed staff psychologist positions.

Job Features
    • Can choose between paid and unpaid externship – see breakdown below. Will work 16-20 hours/week (2-2.5 full days plus time for evening group if extern is selected to co-facilitate process group)
        • 16 hr/week (Two full days) unpaid externship (minimum of 8 client contact hours/week)
        • 16 hr/week (Two full days) paid externship position (requires minimum of 10
          weekly client contact hours each week)
        • 20 hr/week (Two and a half days) paid externship position (requires a minimum of 13
          client contact hours each week)
  • Professional liability insurance provided
  • Supervision hours that count toward practicum/externship requirements
  • Access to weekly didactic training on psychological assessment
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Genuine compassion and passion for working directly with clients.
  • Spirit of service toward clients, the clinic, and the community
  • Clinical excellence- sharp diagnostic skills, advanced therapeutic skills
  • Ability to maintain positive relationships with clients.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills including assertive communication.
  • Interest in strong professional relationships with fellow team members
  • Ongoing commitment to cultural humility and multiculturally-informed work
Required Qualifications
  • Current enrollment in a doctoral degree program in clinical or counseling psychology, or other comparable field from an accredited program.
  • Eligible for psychotherapy practicum or externship.
  • Second year and advanced students are preferred; First year students with master’s degrees including past clinical externships/practicums will be considered..

If you’re searching for fulfilling work, meaningful relationships, and expert training all while embodying a heart
for service, make sure to check out the position that applies to your needs.

Please review information above and apply by emailing to Please submit:

  • Current CV
  • Cover Letter
  • 3 Professional references
If you have difficulty using our website, please email us or call us at (720) 515-4244

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