Assessment for Clergy

Choosing a job, especially as a pastor or religious official, can be a serious undertaking. Because of this, churches often require that applicants and candidates receive a psychological assessment to evaluate how “fit” they are for a certain position. Likewise, churches may seek out an evaluation when a pastor or church official is struggling.

Psychological testing for clergy utilizes a diagnostic interview as well as multiple personality and emotional functioning tests to provide a better understanding of a person’s overall functioning and fitness for a position in the church. Information from testing can provide crucial information to both churches and religious leaders about psychological strengths and weaknesses that impact one’s ability to serve as a pastor. At Colorado Therapy & Assessment Center, we offer specific feedback and recommendations to help churches and clergy better understand relevant issues and areas for growth.

Through the testing process for prospective clergy at ARMH you will receive the following:

  • A comprehensive evaluation.
  • A thorough written report that contains your results and required documentation.
  • A comprehensive feedback session to help you understand testing results and what they mean. 

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